Civil Engineering

F&A is a multifaceted civil engineering firm that in the early years centered around structural engineering. As the engineering market and opportunities have progressed over time, the firm has gravitated toward other needs of our clients. Our staff capabilities remain in the civil engineering space, with current capabilities that include pavement design, temporary traffic control, construction staging, and stormwater design. We are always seeking to expand and will do so with the right opportunity and partnership.

Right-of-way Engineering

F&A provides right-of-way services primarily to public agencies in Washington State, and our team members are familiar with the relevant standards.

Services include:

  • Alignments with bearings and distances shown on base maps and drawings
  • Monumentation
  • Utility locations
  • Temporary construction easements
  • ALTA survey maps for full parcel takes
  • Airspace Lease documents for right-of-way impacts
  • Documenting all access rights of way, including roadway paving and drainage, intersections, and crosswalks

F&A also creates project base maps and easement exhibits for alignments, including surveying and locating public and private utility infrastructure for utility mapping. F&A provides topographic surveys of surface features in full detail, including:

  • Intersections, including building lines/corners
  • Traffic striping and pavement markings
  • Traffic signal equipment
  • Signal heads
  • Overhead utilities and supports
  • Overhead trolley wires and supports

F&A also provides underground utility location and potholing surveying.